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Is The Guitar The Coolest Musical Instrument Of All?

In all the universe of musical instruments, how many men -- at least -- would ever argue with the notion that there's never been a cooler musical instrument than an acoustic or electric guitar? Sure, a drum set can give the guitar a run for its money in certain circumstances, but who's strong enough to strap a set of drums on their back and play for nickels and dimes on a street corner? A guitar lets a person do that, if needed.

At any rate, it can get pretty tiring trying to carry around a drum set on one's back when being able to carry around any acoustic or electric guitar is a breeze. It's certainly done its part to entice men and boys into trying to pick it up and learn to play it. In fact, even one of those big and bulky dreadnought acoustic guitar setups sings a siren song of attraction to most guys.

Besides, women really seem to dig men who can play a musical instrument and especially men who can appear to be masters of the guitar. Actually, they may not really like the guy playing the guitar but the sounds coming from it can go a long way towards helping them get over the pushy guy doing the playing. In truth, most men never become that good but all of them believe that they can, so they have that going for them, fortunately.

Look at an Alvarez acoustic guitar and wonder at its beauty and precision. Keep looking at it and wonder, as well, why even the most ham-handed man goes weak at the knees at the sight of it and the thought of learning to play it like it's meant to be played. In truth, something like . 0001% of all men on the planet will ever come close to being able to play that instrument in such a manner, but the hope remains.

Over the last half-century, guitars of all types have come to dominate cultural awareness when it comes to music. Probably, Chuck Berry and his wild playing in the late 50s can be most blamed for the phenomenon. But even somebody sitting around with an acoustic guitar and a lot of classical guitar training will admit that he gets a thrill from playing the opening riff to 'Johnny B. Goode.'

This is what's ultimately attractive about guitars, whether they are acoustic or electric; they just sound nice and they look equally as nice. Go to a music store and select a really nice Takamine acoustic guitar and give it a run. Get good enough at it and then transfer that skill over to a Gibson or a Fender and really let them wail. Guys that can do so think the world is their oyster, as a matter of fact.

Taken altogether, it's hard to dispute that the guitar holds a prime place in the world of music. Certainly, it grabs hold of many boys and men in a way that even the most beautiful leather baseball glove can never do. There's just something about picking up a guitar, no matter if it's an acoustic or an electric, that helps people feel better about themselves and about the people around them, and that's a good thing in the end.

Connections fuel man’s music livelihood (Palm Beach Post)

When Kevin Kaufman moved to South Florida from Delaware in 1978, it didn't
take him long to establish two connections that continue to fuel his
livelihood in musical instruments and audio equipment. The 54-year-old Lantana
resident became the production supervisor from 1978 to 1989 at Music Mart, the
former retail instrument store in Lake Park. [...]

Palm Beach Post

Musical Instruments Store

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there any musical instruments store in UAE that sells Ocarinas?

Lately I became so attached to ocarinas even thought I have never played it but i heard it on youtube being played by people and now I want to buy one but i cant find a store here in UAE that sells them so.. does anybody here lives in UAE can tell me a place i can buy from..

Thanks in Advanced
Best regards


Its a cute instrument. I am exactly not sure whether you can can it in Dubai. Try to check it in
'The Music Chamber' at TImes Square Centre on Shk Zayed Rd.(04-3468056)

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