Accordion Model

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Rare Vintage Lyric Accordion model B 10047 Italy Super Clean Works Great

Accordion Model

Excelsior Accordion Model 1320s, Song: Olas y Arenas," Waves And Sands", English Version

Radiators Are The Means To Warm, Comfortable Homes by Isaac Castro

Used in vehicles, electronics and buildings, radiators have, since a long time, been a source of warmth and comfort for millions of Americans. While conceived as pieces of heating equipment, radiators also perform the task of keeping the automobile's engine cool by dispersing the heat into the surrounding areas. To keep the interiors warm, many households use the myriad versions of the radiator, effectively using steam or hot water to dispense heat.

Unassuming Radiators And Their Benefits

A popular means to heat homes, the accordion-shaped cast iron radiators are steam-based devices that humidify air. Usually pipes connect the boiler with the radiator and once the water boils, the steam circulated to the radiators fins heats the surrounding environment. The steam once cooled returns to the boiler as water and then the process is repeated. Formulated with a metal-iron that boasts of a high durability and heating capacity, the cast iron radiator still adorns many a home the way it did decades ago.

The Transition To More Modern, Efficient Heating Equipment

The cumbersome, bulky cast iron machine is not very appealing when it comes to modern aesthetics. In the way that today's interiors are designed, cast iron radiators are often covered to appear more visually appealing. Very often, wood covers are structured around them to spruce their appearance, making them appear like cabinets.

In an antique, Victorian setting, the cast iron radiator might still have a chance to fit in but modern design and functionality leaves no room for any such adjustment. Yet another benefit of using a radiator cover is to safeguard the household pet from any physical contact with the radiator's hot surface.

An interesting new heating mechanism involves laying down tubes called under floor heating below the floor during construction. Once covered with a concrete layers, it provides an even heating performance that is efficient and safe. But while newly constructed buildings have no problems in implementing it, the older buildings find under-floor modification very challenging.

Today, many people use bathroom radiators to avoid touching cold surfaces on a freezing day. Fashioned to suit the modern tastes, stylish bathroom radiators serve a dual purpose: they keep the place warm and the towels dry. Many designers model a towel-drying rack close to the radiator itself. The feel-good factor, a better life style and a rejuvenated space using a radiator meant especially for the bathroom can help achieve all this and more.

While selecting the right radiator, think small. Since the transition of modern architecture permits weatherized houses, it is now relatively easier to control temperature. Therefore, a smaller modern radiator can do the right job. While purchasing one, it is a good idea to pump it full of air and check for a leak to minimize the chance of buying a faulty, leaking device. Using an oil-based primer on a paint-stripped radiator will ensure that malignant rust is countered too.

Portable radiators that are powered by electricity are handy heating devices for outings and can also be used as a supplement heating device within the home.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Accordion model for under $300 for advanced pianist?

I have been playing the piano, digital piano, and for the past 8 years, and am the most advanced pianist at my high school not counting any teachers. I want to learn how to play an accordion, so I can have an instrument when I go camping (I get really depressed whenever I go without making any music for more than about 14-18 hours).

I don't know anything about how many reeds or push buttons I want either! I want the easiest accordion for me to play with the biggest range of octaves.

I won't accept any electric accordions or none-piano-accordions.


Don't worry about how many reeds or registers it has. What you need is at least a 48 bass piano accordion. That will give you enough range to play a lot of music. If you can deal with the weight, go with a 72 or 120 bass accordion and you'll have the most range.

For under $300 you'd be best to look for a used instrument. A new one at that price will be little more than a toy. Seriously, you should expect to pay at least $500 for a decent used instrument. Maybe you might find someone on ebay or craigs list selling an instrument for a cheap price, but be careful if you don't know what you are looking at.