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Choosing the Right Suzuki Violin School by Pamelina Siow

Violin is such a wonderful musical instrument made by man. Even though we don't know its origins, we currently use it in many of our music, whether it's classical, pop, etc. Violins are always around in orchestras and classical musical groups because of its mellow sound. But the sound of the violin can change if the player can express his emotions through the violin.

With the amazing music violins produce, it's no wonder lots of people choose to learn it. Adults and teenagers alike want to study it and parents want their children to be exposed to it.

There are actually hundreds of violin schools all over the world. There are a lot of instructors but not everyone is really experienced in teaching it. That's why we have to choose a competent school/teacher by finding a reputable one to teach ourselves or our children.

Suzuki violin school is an example of a very reputable teaching institution. They can put to fore the hidden skills of the young students with their unique style of teaching. Suzuki violin school is similar to regular schools by the fact that their goal is to teach people. It is different because this school gives deep attention to detail from the start.

Children as young as two and three can already be enrolled in Suzuki violin lessons. The method the school has allows for this to happen. Before the formal study, they let the students listen to the music they are going to play in the future because it can affect the way they think and play. But even though there are many good points that this school has, you should not limit your choice to just one school, but instead, check out and compare also other schools.

There are other schools which are as qualified for suzuki violin lessons, although you have to research about it first. Ask a few friends who have previously taken violin lessons where they studied and if they recommend it. Seeking the opinion of your music teacher is also a good idea since he would most probably know about some good schools. When you see and hear of a good recital, you should also check out their music teachers.

Although finding the right school is very important, having parental support is needed too. It's not enough that you pay for the expenses incurred in learning but also to go to your child's recital and encourage him. Remember that learning an instrument is hard. Many times will a child be discouraged and would want to quit, but as a parent and loved one, you should ask him to keep going.

Even though the violin lesson is through for the day, your child should still practice. All the violin schools in the world will advice it too, but often this is taken for granted. One cannot master an instrument without practicing it.

Not every student has this but just like practice, it is necessary to be great at playing: dedication and commitment. Without having the two, you won't be able to enjoy the whole time you're playing. If you really don't want to study violin, then choose another hobby.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

My friend is a genius??????

She is ten years old and she plays Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. She has been playing for 3 years and she won the violin competition in a OC category 10-12 years old. She also finished her Suzuki studies in less than an year. Is she a violin prodigy, and musical genius or talented?


You'd probably have to wait a while to see if she's a violin prodigy/musical genius. But as of right now, I'd probably say that she's extremely gifted.