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Violin: 4/4 Leonardo Genaro Italian Violin?

Hi there, I was shopping at my local music shop and noticed an interesting violin labeled: Leonardo Genaro, Made in Italy. Copy of Antonio Stradivarius. Its in excellent condition and is a one piece back. I played it and it sounds strong, loud, and has feel focused tone. The only problem is that its priced at $7,000. Is it really worth purchasing?


Actually, A Leonardo Genero is a made up name. It is a German import with an Italian sounding name from the 1920's from a place in Utica, New York called Peate's Music House. It is a high end German commercial instrument not an Italian one.
Just because it sold for $3500 at auction, that doesn't make it the final cost to the purchaser. What do you think those pair of jeans cost the retailer, probably $10 and your cost is $50. Sometimes instruments of that Era cost 100's if not a thousand to fix up, the store has to warranty the instrument, take it back in trade later, costs for insurance, possible supply a bow and case included in the sale price and wait possibly years to get their money back. It is not like a can of coke that one is the same as another. Someone has to like that instrument enough to purchase it. When I was in the buisness sometimes I sold an instrument the day I bought it and other times it sat for years, and during that time it kept costing me as I would have to keep the strings fresh.
Go to your local violin shop and try lots of violins and

Violin Labelled

Fine Violin Labelled George Klotz

Jorge Quintero And The 300 Violin Orchestra

The young upcoming music producer and who owns Holy Music Productions who in the process produced the hit single "300 Violin Orchestra" is the one and only Jorge Quintero. He discovered this musical talent at the age of sixteen, when he came across FI Studio software. Being intrigued by the idea of making his own music, he dedicated himself to music that entire summer, learning about the software and developing his abilities. A year passed and he was able to produce the track that jumpstarted his public exposure nationwide.

The initial Youtube version of "300 Violin Orchestra" the he created originally received more or less half-million views and still going. It's been remixed tons of times, comprising many millions more viewers. Proving Jorge Quintero is no one hit wonder, he just released his latest Youtube creation "A Thousand Revelations". You mustn't just take our word for it. Yow will discover some of the fan comments below from the last week or so.

Thanks!!! I much enjoy it :) ) !! Have a great weekend everyone :) ) Greetings from Mississauga!

Hello I'm from Canada!!! Great beats !!! Check out my channel.? I'm a 13 year-old singer and love performing.

Keep it up bro, each of the songs are sick! I'm a fan

shit man, why u aren't enormous? you a producer? fuck, this is the best beat ive ever heard. excellent work

Now don't you have more subscribers and views, but this is totally the best stuff I've heard here

Thanks for the add!! love the music man

Great job!.. I will keep posted.. Like to help you on our FILM Documentary...

next time I hear 300-violin orchestra, I'll imagine your video (properly hyphenated in fact, as "300-violin" modifies "orchestra.)

Awesome uplifting music! Great entrepreneur as well!

Great job on 300 Violin Orchestra! I'm not sure if you saw the Jacob Tucker slam dunk video but he had your song as background music for his video. -Actually, it enhanced the production so well. Thanks to his video he was voted into the NCAA slam dunk competition and won the wedding just last week.
Keep it up! Anticipating more music of yours.

The initial break of Jorge Quintero which is "300 Violin Orchestra" was discovered on his Youtube channel through Andy Cavanuagh, one of several Fox Sports' associate producer who included his track for a background music in a promo video with the first MLB game of the 2009 season.

From rock to electronic, Jorge Quintero works out his home studio as a music producer creating beats of hip-hop and instrumental tracks. "The Comeback" is his new album that is scheduled to be released on iTunes soon.
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