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Fridge Magnets

Kitchen Appliance Methods: How To Wash A Fridge Right The First Time

To begin remove every one of the racks, shelves, supports & drawers & put them in a bathtub. Shoot them with a water and bleach mixture or a commercial disinfectant/sanitizing spray cleaner. stay there in your tub while you focus your energy towards your refrigerator. Don a pair of plastic gloves. Prepare a cleaning mixture of half chlorine bleach and half water in a plastic bowl.

Employ a kitchen sponge soaked in the mixture to scrub out the interior, from top to bottom. Let debris build up at the bottom, then soak up the excess cleaning mixture & use a paper napkin to gather the rotten particles of food & toss it into your trash. This means you could avoid having refrigerator appliance repair in Chicago or whatever your town might be.

Once the interior happens to be cleaned to your liking, employ a small but firm brush, such as a toothbrush, to get into the crevices in the gasket, near screws and support hardware, & different misshaped surfaces. The water and bleach mixture should kill spores & mold that you cannot see. When your washing is done, wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth dabbed in clean warm water to remove the cleaning mixture.
Make sure that you totally wash all the bleach off any gaskets or different soft plastic on the inside. Bleach happens to be highly alkaline & could hurt the soft plastics and make them brittle & break down over time. After that wash one more time & dry totally with a clean soft, lint-free, absorbent paper towel.

Be alert for odors. This Maytag appliance repair in Chicago sas there are a few different non poisonous cleaning products you might try in your refrigerator that do a wonderful job on odor removal & turn out to be effective with molds and mildew.
Complete the sniff-test. If your fridge still doesn't smell nice, pop a box of baking soda & put it on a rack in the door. Baking soda happens to be awesome for eating smells & could also be placed in the water you use to wash off your cleaning mixture. Be sure to change your baking soda monthly as it will turn stale.
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