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An Elucidation Of Hair Removal Techniques

Never has there been a time when hair was acceptable on women. Thus began the war of women with unwanted hair, going through method after method. It cannot be said that any one hair removal method is the best. Most men and women, however, shave. Further your knowledge on laser hair removal at laser hair removal melbourne.

A clean razor and a sharp blade are essential for a safe shave. For soft, wet hair, your best bet would be cutting it, instead of shaving it. There is a common misconception that shaving makes hair grow faster, thicker, and darker. Shaving too closely has the drawback of causing bumps, as new hair must break through the skin's surface. A good number of women have given up shaving, because even a close one, with bumps and all, does not last very long.

Another method is to pull hair from the root, as with tweezing and waxing. Several weeks may pass before any hair is visible at all, because hair is pulled from the root. With these methods, you spend little and spend little time, but pain is highly associated with them. Unfortunately many women find that the skin becomes dark and roughened in the areas so treated. Skin becomes irritated by trauma to the follicles, which is expressed as darkening and roughening.

Then, there are also bumps and scars that result from new hair ripping through the skin's surface, irritating it. When it comes to upper lips and eyebrows, most choose waxing. To read other laser hair removal articles make sure to visit hair removal for men.

Burns, skin irritation, and allergic reactions are a few common side effects. For long-term removal of facial hair, electrolysis is a good choice. The underlying principle of this method is aiming the needle closely to the follicle. Curly hair, however, renders this method ineffective, with added effects of scarring, irritation, and darkening.

Then there's laser hair removal, in which lasers, or light pulses, decimate hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the dark pigment in the follicles Unfortunately, the melanin in dark skin is also affected, causing skin irritation. These days, cooling devices are attached to the new lasers to prevent involvement of surrounding skin. Laser hair removal affords the longest period of hair-free skin.

It would be wrong to assume that the results of laser therapy are everlasting. Sparse, few, and fine are any hairs that fight their way back. A series of treatments is required, usually three to four, every four to six weeks. Of all the methods, laser therapy has been the most effective in eliminating facial hair.

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